• Max thickness of steel sheet:  0.4-1.0 mm
  • Max  the width of the circle: 1300 mm
  • The inner diameter of the circle: 420-600 mm
  • Max weight of circle: 3000kg
  • weight: 300 kg

The device is made for long-term work. The stiff and stable construction of the underside base ensures durability, and the use of large rolling bearings at the ends of the support pipe guarantees free rotation of the sheet metal using the minimum force – manually.

The RB-1300 sheet unwinder is used to develop steel plates up to 3000 kg in weight. You can also use a second machine, which is a ZW-1300 / 1.5 winding machine with electric drive, to develop the coil, thanks to which the process would be mechanized.

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