• Working width: 1300 mm
  • Max thickness of steel sheet: 1.5 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
  • Max diametr of roller: 1×70 mm, 2×90 mm
  • Minimum Diametr of kneading tube: 100 mm
  • Weight: 260 kg

The ZW-1300/1.5 rolling machine has reinforced construction which allows  rolling of the metall sheets up to 1.5 mm in width. The upper shaft is removable if needed, with a milled groove. Installation of electrick drive with adjustable rotational speed possible. CE certification.

This construction guarantees failure-free work without the deformations for many years. This coiling machine is constructed mainly for roofers. The machine equipped with a removable (pivoting) operation shaft. This rolling machine metal sheets of working width up to 1250 mm.

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