• Working width: 3100 mm
  • Max thickness of steel sheet: 1.0 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
  • Max thickness of aluminium sheet: 1.35 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
  • Gas springs: 3 pcs- counter-beam, 2 pcs- bending beam
  • Maximum bending angle: 135°
  • Width of bending beam: 30 mm
  • Weigh: 700 kg

Slimilary to ZG-3000 flanging machine, this is also equipped with gas springs installed on the flanging beam (the  ZG-3000/1.0 flanging machine is equipped with 2 actuators of the bending beam and 3 actuators of the counter-beam), which significantly facilitates the operations.

The sturdy, massive and compact construction of the machines guarantees long operation with appropriate bending quality maintained. The narrow bending beam of 30 mm. This bender allow for performing a large number of complex machining works.

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