• Working width: 2600 mm
  • Max thickness of steel sheet: 1.0 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
  • Max thickness of aluminium sheet: 1.6 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
  • Gas springs: 2 pcs- counter-beam, 1 pc- bending beam
  • Maximum bending angle: 130°
  • Width of bending beam: 25 mm
  • Weigh: 390 kg

The model ZG-2500/1.0 in contrast to its lighter version has been equipped with two actuators lifting the counter-beam and two actuators responsible for lifting the bending beam. ZG-2500/1.0 is intended for more demanding technical works.

For this reason it has been provided with the strengthened construction of the sides, bending beam, counter-beam and lifting mechanism.  This machine has been equipped with an additional gas spring which supports the bending beam.

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