• Working width: 2150 mm
  • Max thickness of steel sheet: 1.2 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
  • Max thickness of aluminium sheet: 1.6 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
  • Gas springs: 1 pc- counter-beam
  • Maximum bending angle: 130°
  • Width of bending beam: 20 mm
  • Weight: 250 kg

ZG-2000/1.2 bending machine constitutes the strengthened version of ZG-2000/0.7 model. The machine equipped with the more massive body bending beam and counter-beam, which allows for bending the metal sheets of 1.2 mm thickness up to 135.

This machine has been equipped with an additional gas spring which supports the bending beam. The narrow bending beam of 20 mm. This construction guarantees failure-free work without the deformations of bend elements for many years.

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