• Working width: 1270 mm
    • Max thickness of steel sheet: 2.0 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
    • Max thickness of aluminium sheet: 2.5 mm for Rm < 400 MPa
    • Gas springs: 2 pcs- counter-beam, 1 pc- bending beam
    • Maximum bending angle: 135°
    • Width of bending beam: 20 mm
    • Weight: 390 kg

Bending segment machine HS-1270 / 2.0 is made based on the proven design of bending elements. The bending beam 12 is provided with blades sectional dimensions successively 25/30/35/40/45/50/75 100/150/200/250/270 [mm]. The blades are made of quality steel allowing long-term operation of the device while maintaining the appropriate parameters of bending.

The narrow bending beam of 20 mm. This machine allow for performing a large number of complex machining  works. This bender guarantees failure-free work without the deformations of bend elements for many years. The machine has been equipped with  gas spring which support the lifting of the counter-beam and gas spring which support the lifting of the bending beam.

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